Mesquite – Cooperating Brokers

Mesquite Courtyard Homes appreciates, and cooperates with, outside brokers.  The referral fee is 2.5% of the net sales price as calculated by the Seller, which shall specifically exclude, but not limited to, upgrades, options, incentives, closings costs, and any builder concessions.  A referral fee will only be paid upon close of escrow of the property to the Client/Buyer indentified above and upon compliance of the terms herein. To receive a referral fee, Broker must (i) be responsible for the initial introduction of the Client/Buyer to the Community and property, (ii) personally introduce the Client/Buyer to Seller’s Sales Representative at the Community and(iii) maintain contact and control of Client/Buyer from the date of introduction through the date of timely close of escrow. 

Please contact Miles Turner at 951-640-7345 or to get a copy of the Broker Registration form.  We look forward to working with you and your client!